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Scality’s  highest purpose

Data is at the heart of human progress. The applications for file and object data are endless: Genomics research to find a cure, video files for the next binge-worthy series, industrial devices to improve manufacturing safety, medical imaging for faster diagnosis, or even autonomous cars using cameras and sensors to avoid accidents.

At Scality we’ve built a data management ecosystem to protect and propel our customers into the digital age — together.  We put humans at the core of everything we build.  IT leaders work with us to handle the most complex data environments, designing solutions that unearth business insights. 

The art of scale

In an accelerated world with increasing complexity, we believe that managing data at massive scale requires an elevated sense of design and orchestration. Infused with human ingenuity, the future of data is not only a science but also an art form.

Defeating complexity and unearthing value from petabytes of data 

The convergence of the cloud and a surging digital remote workforce is advancing digital transformation faster than ever before. This development has unleashed a tidal wave of unstructured data, new technologies, and overwhelming complexity. How do you find the right data to advance your business objectives? Where should your data live?

At Scality, we have a unique approach to defeating complexity and unearthing the value of data. We call it sustainable adaptation — infrastructure that lasts generations yet adapts as fast as market innovation.

Sustainable: Timeless by design

We keep any eye to the future so you don’t have to. Scality engineers put years of research into the design and structure of our data management platforms for enterprise-grade performance and longevity. If you started using the RING years ago, you’ve had zero migrations, interruptions, or forklift overhauls. That’s not a fluke — it’s by design.   

Adaptive: Extract data value, faster

To truly unlock the value of data, we believe that legacy requirements are just as important as rapid innovation — and we’re here to tackle both. There are over 30 object and file data management solutions on the market. Most of these only solve a part of the data conundrum, often quick short-term fixes to long-term, complex data management problems. 

Scality solutions adapt to your unique infrastructure, legacy platforms, and long-term business goals. We set you on a course for success with enterprise-grade solutions that grow with you, thanks to no vendor lock-in and integrations with over 200 ISVs to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions are built to adapt rapidly as your business and data needs expand.



Simple, secure object-storage
software for S3 applications
Deploy fast, manage easily — on VMs or standard servers.


New workloads are changing demands on storage and automation: Speed, scale, portability and efficiency. Modern object storage strikes the right balance. Scality makes it ultra-simple and secure.

Simplicity is the height of sophistication. It’s why we built ARTESCA: Intuitive, durable storage software that transforms how DevOps manages and accesses data — without sacrificing resiliency or affordability.

Ideal for data on the edge, it has a unique ability to deploy on virtual machines and standard servers. Coupled with RING, ARTESCA is the world’s most advanced edge-to-core data solution.




Scalable. Secure. Software.
Scality RING : Solve large-scale data challenges, once and for all.


Scale. Security. Performance. Cost. 

Massive volumes of data can be a massive headache. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Scality RING is the storage foundation for your smart, flexible cloud data architecture. Pair it with any server, app or public cloud for a single worry-free solution that stores and protects all your data — without hidden costs.


Perimeter81 – A New Way to Secure Your Corporate Network


About Us: We are Perimeter 81

Delivering simpler, smarter and more accessible cybersecurity to meet the demands of today, and the growth of tomorrow. Since its founding, Perimeter 81 has quickly gained traction in the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and is helping thousands of businesses, of all industries and sizes, achieve holistic cyber and network security more easily and cost-effectively.


Perimeter 81 is a Zero Trust Network as a Service that helps you to secure your team’s network, including valuable local and cloud resources. Incorporating the highest standards of Zero Trust Security, Perimeter 81 users can create adaptive least-privilege access policies based on device, identity, role, and location. Accordingly, authorized employees are only granted access to the corporate resources they need, and IT administrators can more easily monitor activity across the network and implement a full range of network security features that are easy to scale with organizational growth. The combination of this reduced attack surface and cloud-friendly approach makes it that much more difficult for bad actors to breach your network, and also saves significant IT overheads.

Revolutionize the way you secure the data, resources, and users in your network with SASE.

Perimeter 81’s SASE platform combines network and security functions into one unified network security service solution. The cloud-native offerings fall under the SASE network and endpoint security solutions managed and delivered through the Perimeter81 platform to provide user centric network and policy management for organizations of all sizes.


The global, multi-region and multi-tenant Perimeter 81 cloud network provides a comprehensive set of secure network capabilities that includes SaaS security for Office 365, Google Drive and Dropbox as well as a Firewall as a Service (FaaS) to protect an organization’s site-centric networks from potential threats, while implementing modern security features of a next-generation firewall.

Zero Trust Network Access is a security model in which access to on-prem and

cloud resources is carefully segmented and monitored, allowing only trusted

employees to access company assets. By implementing the Zero Trust, “never

trust, always verify” approach, organizations can significantly decrease the

attack surface and protect their valuable resources.

ZTNA is a combination of security tools that identify, authenticate and verify

each company user, making sure they have the proper identification and

credentials to access company addresses and services. ZTNA includes

features such as Firewall as a Service, two-factor authentication and network

segmentation to fully control user activity in and out of the network.



Perimeter 81 offers a powerful cloud-based ZTNA solution built into its Security

Service Edge (SSE) platform.

1. The Perimeter 81 platform is the right solution in a world where accelerating

complexity is the single greatest threat to effective network security.

2. Perimeter 81’s ZTNA solution ensures that users access cloud resources

via encrypted tunnels directly from the Perimeter 81 network, to lock down

network resources and application access using Zero Trust policies.

3.The Perimeter 81 network is global with over 50 PoPs located across the

globe. ZTNA ensures that users only have access to the resources they


4. DNS filtering adds another layer of protection to ensure users cannot

access risky websites. The Perimeter 81 solution secures access to any

network resource: on-prem data centers, public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP),

or the private cloud via an IPsec or Wireguard tunnel.

Perimeter 81 supports all ports and protocols, including non-web

applications like VoIP. Each Perimeter 81 gateway offers 1 Gb/s of


Crystal Eye appliances are custom-built to perform with extreme speed and reliability.
Select your appliance model and add additional options such as memory and storage space in our store. Check out our Speed Guide to find out which appliance model is right for you.


FWaaS: Secure network access across your organization with Firewall as a Service

All network traffic coming from an organization’s headquarters, branch offices, remote workers, or cloud services is controlled and routed through the centrally managed FWaaS platform. Using encryption protocols such as IPSec and SSL, organizations can establish a secure connection between users’ devices and network resources, combined with FWaaS to deliver multifaceted protection and a reduced attack surface. Finally, combined with a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, organizations can define security policies that authenticate users, and filter content and application traffic while protecting network resources down to the device level. ZTNA then further reduces an organization’s attack surface by implementing least-privilege access policies in tandem with FWaaS rules

Firewall as a service benefits:

Enhanced Network Visibility : FWaaS solutions provide a single platform and centralized hub for monitoring and managing network activity across multiple locations and traffic sources.


Scalability : FWaaS configurations scale with organizational and traffic growth in terms of security protection, users

and new potential threat adaptability. With cloud-based firewall services, network administrators can easily

add new branch offices and users, add more network capacity, and extend security coverage to additional resources.


Simplified Infrastructure : With network traffic originating from data centers, corporate offices, branch offices and remote workers, FWaaS solutions synchronize endpoints and firewall policies into one streamlined and unified platform.


Easy Configuration : Cloud-based firewalls can be deployed in modular ways to do specific jobs. For instance, a FWaaS can

be configured to only direct traffic, but it can also filter URLs from within the network and defend against attacks. IT admins are able to choose which firewall functions to consume and which to ignore.


Remote Worker Protection : In the “work from home” era, FWaaS extends network defenses to remote employees by enabling them to connect to the FWaaS through a Business VPN or Network as a Service (NaaS) with automatic security

when using the internet or cloud resources such as Salesforce or AWS.


Policy Enforcement Streamlining : Security administrators can define organizational security policies across network locations, on-premises and in the cloud using their FWaaS platform.

Secure Web Gateway: Protect Your Organization from the Internet with Web Filtering.

Get ready to learn about implementing SWG in order to defend against Internet dangers, one attack at a time. With URL filtering, web activity tracking and malware protection, you’re sure to come prepared to secure your organization against any online threats. SWG is the battalion you need to arm your business for ultimate control of Internet traffic.



1. Filter out malicious sites and protect your employees and network from web-based threats.

2. Increase productivity by decreasing distractions from unwanted web sites.

3. Prevent shadow IT and ensure that employees are only using authorized sites and web applications for business functions.

4. Track web activity and increase compliance with web auditing requirements.

5. Define bypass rules as necessary to comply with user privacy regulations and prevent issues with commonly used web applications


SDP: Replace the legacy VPN with a modern Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP)

Design a flexible, stronger access policy playbook around user and device authentication with a Software-Defined Perimeter. Whether your critical corporate resources are in the cloud or local servers, SDP enables IT to easily build a wall around the entire network.

Block hackers from the network, in one swift motion. SDP deploys multiple cutting-edge security tools and is easily implemented, even and especially for modern organizations with complex cloud networks, many remote users, and varying access requirements.


How Does a Software-Defined Perimeter Work?

SDP network architecture has three important components: the SDP Client, the SDP Controller, and the gateway PoP.


SDP Client: Access Control

The client verifies identities using an Identity Provider, such as Okta, Google, or Azure. It routes whitelisted applications to authorized remote connections, ensuring that the certificate-based mutual TLS VPN only connects to authorized services. Network traffic is encrypted and tunnelled between the user’s device and the corresponding gateway.


SDP Controller: Trust Broker

The controller establishes trust between the SDP Client and backend security controls by authenticating users and devices. By evaluating the controller, Issuing Certificate Authority and Identity Provider, the user and network entitlements are verified, and the SDP Controller configures the gateway in real time to provision a mutual TLS connection.




The Gateway: Termination Point


The gateway grants access to previously private resources, allowing employees to have a private and uncongested connection. This termination point for the mutual TLS connection from the Client verifies the identity of the requesting device, authorizes the user, and grants access to the requested network.

VPN Alternative: Choose a VPN alternative and expand beyond your legacy VPN Gain

complete traffic encryption and more agile access policies, without the hardware or complexity involved in traditional solutions.


Evolve security beyond mere encryption

As more employees work remotely and resources move to the cloud, legacy VPNs fail to provide edge network visibility and control for IT teams. With a cloud-based, always-on VPN alternative, more flexible security based on users is easy to achieve.


The top benefits of cloud VPN alternatives

By evolving beyond the traditional VPN, organizations get instant confidence in the security of each endpoint and resource, and full visibility of their network without expensive orchestration, maintenance or hardware.

our partners

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading technology brands and We are the Exclusive Distributors in the region!

our partners

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading technology brands and We are the Exclusive Distributors in the region!